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The colour and sparkle of gemstones is a wonder of nature The red of a ruby, the green of an emerald, the lights in a diamond have always fascinated people.

Your destiny stone

In modern times the innate beauty of the gem is the main criterion for choosing a stone. Gems are used, above all, for adornment. However I believe, as they did in the past, that gemstones have great power as talismans. If chosen carefully they can bring luck and protect the wearer from harm.

I graduated in philosophy and study gemology, astrology and numerology. Depending on your birth date I can help you to choose the right stone for good health and calculate your destiny number to decide the gem which will bring good fortune in matters of love and work.

Choose natural stone

Each of us is a microcosm and wearing the right stone helps us to harmonize with the universe. The stone acts as a channel for the flow of energy between ourselves and the world outside.

For this it's important to select a good quality stone which is luminous and of the right size. Above all it must be a natural gemstone. By this I mean it should not have been subjected to any artificial 'enhancement' procedure.

Today most gems in commerce are low quality stones which have been heated or treated. Such stones do not maintain their value. More importantly these fierce treatments destroy the energy and natural beauty of the stone.

Only untreated stones are good investments and useful as amulets and charms to bring us luck and prosperity in our lives.

Fair trade

I travel and select the gems personally, acquiring them from local traders on a fair trade basis. I believe these people have a right to participate in the global economy. As there are no middlemen and large sums of money are not wasted in advertising I can offer high quality precious stones at attractive prices.